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At Hospital Radio Glamorgan we are always looking for fantastic people to join our team.  We need individuals who are committed, willing to learn, and have a passion for music and people. New volunteers are always welcome!

Why not join us and get involved in the many activities it takes to run a charity hospital radio station.

The Charity is run entirely by volunteers and, as you can imagine, there is lots for us to do.

Will I need particular skills or experience?

We are looking for people who want to connect with patients, staff and fellow volunteers within the University Hospital of Wales. You need to be a good listener and a patient communicator. By making a stay or visit as pleasant and stress free as possible, the charity provides an opportunity to enhance the patient experience through music and company. If you think you would like to join the team there are many activities within the radio station to get involved with, including ward visits, fundraising, presenting and writing & producing shows, all of which is trained and supported by Hospital Radio Glamorgan Volunteers.

I’ve never done hospital radio!

Over half of all our volunteers had never stepped inside a radio station, so all you need is the willingness to learn. There are many aspects to the charity that require support behind the scenes and so your volunteering will never be exclusive to presenting. We aim to provide a diverse and enriching opportunity, engaging with many different people and nurturing your individual skills at the same time. You bring the kindness and we can teach you the technical bits.


All through the year we run meet and greet sessions where we introduce the charity and explain the volunteer role in more detail. These are no obligation sessions and provide an opportunity for you to understand the role and decide whether you would like to apply. Successful applications are subject to reference.


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