Rob Jones

Volunteer since: 2015
Name Of Show:
On Air: Thursdays 8pm-10pm (alternate weeks)

After his initial training, Rob went solo with his own show in early 2016.
He joined Radio Glamorgan for the fame and fortune that goes with being on an award winning hospital radio station - that, and all about the diversity of volunteers on Radio Glamorgan and the camaraderie that comes from meeting people from all walks of life.
Whilst presenting his show, playing music is obviously rewarding, but Rob also enjoys the interaction with members of the public when undertaking fundraising events, such as regular bucket collections.

About the show:
Expect to hear rock in all its formats, punk, post-punk, indie, Britpop, ska, grunge, heavy metal, Madchester, alternative, electronic, rock'n'roll, rockabilly and whatever takes the fancy!
Unusually, Rob refuses to have a mobile phone but you can catch him in the studio on a Thursday evening between 8pm-10pm (alternate weeks, sharing the slot with Ian Edwards).
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