Andrew Woolfe (RG Secretary)

Volunteer since: 2018
Name Of Show: The Night Train
On Air: Saturdays 8pm-10pm (also co-hosts 'The Midweek Mix' with Susie Bailey - Wednesdays 6-8pm)

Andrew took on the position of RG Secretary in 2019.

Andrew has held the impossible dream of being a radio broadcaster or ‘DJ’ as they used to be called for over 35 years.
He sights Radio 1’s Simon Bates and Robbie Vincent as his heroes and inspirations, imagining at one time of hosting Bates’ mid morning show and later hosting a Saturday night show like Robbie Vincent did.
That impossible dream has finally come true as in January 2019 at the age of 52, Andrew started hosting his own Saturday Night show on Radio Glamorgan.
Andrew says that joining Radio Glamorgan in the summer of 2018 is the best singular thing he has ever done.
He says,
“Not only am I fulfilling a dream I never thought possible, but I also feel like I am giving something back to the community, and in particular to a hospital that over the years nursed both my late parents.
I want to introduce the listeners to music they may not have heard before, or tracks by well known artists that have never or rarely been played on the radio.”

About the show:
Saturday’s Night Train is all about the music, and in particular different genres.
During the two hour train journey there is The Van Moment where Andrew plays tracks from one of his musical heroes Sir Van Morrison, there’s the A-Z of his own CD collection, and of course the 9PM Comfort Break where he plays a track five minutes or longer.
As well as introducing everyone to a mixed bag of classy music, he hopes to help ease the patients through the long Saturday nights once visitors have gone home.
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