John Webber

Volunteer since: 1998
Name Of Show: Magic With John Webber
On Air: Mondays 10am-1pm

Years ago, John remembers seeing an article in the South Wales Echo by the then secretary Nic Clarke.

He soon became part of the furniture at RG... and the rest is a story of years of very enjoyable presenting.

Music is magic, all kinds of music, and the fact he gets to share the love of music, then that is John's reward for the time he takes putting a programme together!

When not at RG, John plays league skittles (in winter), league bowls (in summer), being Chairman of the bowls club and all year round a very nervous season ticket holder for Cardiff City.

In 2019 - John celebrated his 90th birthday!

About the show:
John casts over you his magical spell of pop, jazz, blues & love songs, to ease you into the coming week.
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