The studio at Radio Glamorgan has been decorated with assorted tinsel which can only mean one thing…..Its Christmas!

There will be a host of special shows and parties for you to join in with over the festive period, including:

Christmas Eve – A Christmas Party with the Celtic Gals, Luke’s American Christmas and then at 9pm join the Daydreamers for their annual ‘House Party’ at Daydream Towers.

Christmas Day – Robert has a special show ‘They made it their own’, followed by Jamie and some Disney classics. Byron, Helen Grant, Nick and Carl will all keep you entertained throughout the afternoon. Then at 8pm Jonesy takes a special trip to meet the Big Man himself.

reindeerrun  reindeerrun3  grantandsam

Boxing Day – time to relax after a busy day, so join John for a celebration of Frank Sinatra at 11am. Nicky takes a trip on Route 66, before we all head to a ‘Galaxy Far Far away’ as Andrew Skywalker and Byron Solo look at the biggest film release of the year.

Full details of the Christmas Schedule 2015