We were delighted to have a visit from Colin and Ywain from  Gobaith Cymru FC. (Hope Wales FC) based in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales. They have  recently started a football team in the local community and are aiming to raise awareness and funds for people who are waiting on the transplant list, support for transplant survivors, awareness of the mental health issues that can be associated for going through a traumatic time and importantly raising awareness and commitment to become an organ donor.
Through their contacts with Football they are organising  charity football matches that encourages survivors of transplants to join and get involved along with members of the local community. The team are reaching out to other local football teams, to see if they can help with promote their cause. Whether this is use of facilities, matches, donation of equipment or even just help spread the word of what out team is trying to achieve.
Gobaith Cymru FC  will be working with the NHS Blood and Transplant Service, Mind Cymru, Kidney Wales and Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.
On the 7th October  they are holding their first charity match, where they will be playing a fellow charity team; North Wales Dragons. In partnership with the Cambrian and Clydach Vale Football Club who are helping with venue and logistics.
As well as the match the team are holding a family fun day where we hope to have representation from our chosen charities, AMs and local councillors to attend and show there support along with local businesses putting up stalls and having fun activities for the local community to enjoy.
To find out more about the team click HERE
You can find out more about Organ Donation in Wales here