To meet the demand from our community, we are now offering walk-in sessions for first, second and booster doses to help protect our communities and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Walk-in sessions are available daily at all three of our Mass Vaccination Centres (MVCs) to ensure anyone who has been missed has an opportunity to get vaccinated. Whether you need your first, second or booster dose, you can now walk-in to Bayside MVC, Splott MVC or Barry Holm View MVC from 8:30am to 7:30pm to get vaccinated.

This week, we are also running walk-in sessions at a selection of community pharmacies to give our population the opportunity to get vaccinated closer to home. From 17th to 21st January, three local pharmacies are offering dedicated walk-in sessions for those looking to receive their first, second or booster dose.

No appointments are needed for the walk-in sessions, individuals can attend providing it has been 28 days since a positive COVID test and there is an 8-week gap since first doses were received. For those aged 12-15, a parent or guardian must be in attendance, with walk-ins available at Bayside MVC and Barry Holm View MVC providing it has been 12 weeks since a positive COVID test and there is a 12-week gap since the first dose was given.

As restrictions are set to ease again at the end of the month, getting vaccinated remains our best protection against COVID-19 and will continue to help ensure we can get back to doing what we love.

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