Whatever your plans are for the second bank holiday in May, here’s what we’ve got lined up for you on Radio Glamorgan.

Monday 31st May 2021

6am – RG Breakfast
If you’re up early, we’ll sort out the playlist and your news updates

8am – All about Wales: Jill Brinkworth
An entire hour of Welsh Artists

9am – All about Country
Dynamic Dave has an hour of ‘yee’ha’ music for you!

10am – Duets: Andrew Woolfe
What’s your favourite duet? Why not let Andrew know on twitter? @radioglamorgan

12pm – Places with Jay
Join Jay for a musical trip for Bank Holiday Lunchtime

1pm – RG on Broadway
We’ve all missed going to the theatre. An hour for you to sing LOUD!

2pm – All adds up: Jamie Pritchard
Get your calculators out, will you be able to add up all the numbers featured in the song titles?

3pm – All about Bond… James Bond
We’re excited to see ‘No Time To Die’ but in the meantime…

4pm – The 80s Singalong
Back to the 80s for Bank Holiday Afternoon.

5pm – 90s Singalong Belters
Grab something to sing into and join Jonesy for an hour of nineties tunes

6pm – PowerdByHoward
Every Monday, Howard is joined (Socially distant of course) by a range of friends!

8pm – Reggae Hour
Love reggae? Make sure you tune in to Simon!

9pm – Rock Out
Nigel Moore has an hour of rock music for your Bank Holiday Monday evening

10pm – Music was my first love
A few months back, the voice of the balls/Strictly, Alan Dedicoat chose his 10 favourite songs. This is another chance for you to hear him chatting to Andrew Woolfe