Here’s a challenge for you to try…

Try choosing 10 (no more, no less!) of your all-time favourite songs
… and having a reason for picking each one.

So far we’ve asked 50 guests to do just that
(A mixture of RG volunteers and some names you would’ve heard of elsewhere!)

Music Was My First Love‘ is an award winning programme, hosted by Andrew Woolfe and features a range of voices, you’ll hear the chats and the choices in full.

Series One (2019)

Michelle Fowler (Patient Experience Team @ Cardiff and Vale UHB)

Roger Thomas (RG Volunteer)

Nigel Moore (RG Volunteer)

Simon Field (RG Volunteer)

Kiera Jones (Previous RG Volunteer)

Rob Jones (RG Volunteer)

Ian Edwards (RG Volunteer)

Jason Harrold (Ex-Red Dragon FM/Current Smooth Radio presenter)

Byron Brain (RG Volunteer)

Jamie Pritchard (RG Volunteer/Current Chairman)

Robert Darke (Ex-RG Volunteer/ Local Author)

Johnny Beerling (Previous Radio 1 controller)

Richard Manning (RG Volunteer)

Roy Noble (BBC Personality)

John Webber (RG Volunteer)

David ‘Diddy’ Hamilton (Radio/TV Presenter)

Tom Auton (Local Singer/Songwriter)

Susie Bailey (RG Volunteer)

Dr David Gerson (Local GP)

Luke Davies (RG Volunteer)

Howard Jacobson (RG Volunteer)

Behnaz Akhgar (BBC Personality)

Grant Palmer (RG Volunteer)

Ian Webber (RG Volunteer)

Series Two (2020)

Niki Tomkinson (Stroke Survivor)

Helen Ward (RG Volunteer)

Jill Brinkworth (RG Volunteer)

Clare Sinclair (Former RG Chair/Current Volunteer)

Tim Cooper (Red Thread Host)

Richard Smith (Mr A-Z of Pop)

Leanne Wood (Former Plaid Cymru Leader/ Current Rhondda AM)

Claudia Hamilton (RG Volunteer)

Andrew Lowman-Jones (RG Volunteer)

Andrew Woolfe (Host of Music Was My First Love/RG Volunteer)

Millie Rose (Local Singer)

Series Three (January-February 2021)

Leee John (Singer/Imagination)

Nic Clarke (RG Volunteer)

Beth Gulliver (RG Volunteer)

Hannah Abraham (Former host of the TCT Takeover)

Bennett Arron (Writer/Broadcaster/Comedian)

Steve ‘Wiggy’ Wiggins (Broadcaster)

Terry Mann (GTFM Radio station manager)

Bill Cummings (RG Volunteer)

Carl West (RG Volunteer)

Mark Davis (Musician)

Zoè O’Shea (RG Volunteer)

Marty Wilde MBE (Singer)

Lucy Owen (BBC Broadcaster)

Alan Dedicoat (“Voice of the balls”) 

Rebecca Evans CBE (Opera Singer)

Series Four (November-December 2021)

Suzi Quatro (Legendary Rocker)

Hannah Williams (Singer, finalist on the Voice UK)

Dave Skillern (RG Volunteer)

Hayley Palmer (Radio & Sky TV Presenter)

Terry Underhill (Breakfast Show presenter at Greatest Hits Radio South Wales)

Prof. Laura McAllister (Former international footballer)

Simon Parkin (TV and Radio Presenter)

Alex the Astronaut (Australian singer, songwriter from Sydney, Australia)

Peter Straker (Singer & Actor)

John Chown ( Daring To Dream Treasurer)

Helena Robertson-Reid (Part of Health Board’s Patience Experience Team)

Prof. Wendy Keay-Bright (Animation artist / Professor of technology and inclusion – Wife of RG volunteer Simon Field)

Richard Rees (Welsh radio and TV broadcaster, producer and director)

Dave Brookes (Current host of 1-4pm on Greatest Hits Radio South Wales)

Paul Pennington (Actor, Writer & Word On Health Broadcaster)

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