Not really, this was an April Fool, sorry.  Especially sorry to Howard and Santa who had started working on the playlist for their first collaboration, still you can save it for December chaps. 😛

Brexit is a hot topic at the moment, dividing the nation on opinion.

So to lighten the mood, here at Radio Glamorgan we’re introducing ‘the festive hour’ to inject some cheer into the working week.

From 9am every morning, we’ll be playing nothing but the best Christmas songs back-to-back.

Trustee Jason Manly, who presents “Night Owls” on a Tuesday night said:

“During our last meeting, our volunteers thought it would be a novel way to brighten peoples day considering there’s a lot of doom and gloom, especially in the world of politics”

The festive hour begins on Monday 8th April.  And every 4th Monday, the Powered By Howard show will be Powered By Santa, so get those sleigh bells ready for Crazy Corridor Carols.

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