Come the 1st of June our schedule is changing! DON”T PANIC! You can still find the shows you love, just at a different time.

You can now listen to the songs you can’t help but sing along to in the morning! Richard Smith’s A-Z of pop is moving from Weeknights to Weekday Mornings at 8am.

Filling the sounds waves of Midnight EVERYNIGHT is the laid back and chilled Classical Show with Nick Jones.

Come Wednesday, you’ll find in the morning at 10am there is a new Jazz Show which will bring you a “A slice of Jazz’, shortly followed by unsigned and under the radar artists at 1pm with Justin Evans.

If it’s the 80’s you love, then find Andrew Lowman – Jones along with a variety of top hits and music from the neon legwarmer decade on Wednesdays at 8pm

If your Thursdays are feeling empty, then look no further!  We have from Books and Music with Robert Darke between 10 – 12pm and the Celtic Gals bring you laughter and games between 6-8pm

Friday mornings see Peter Cox playing you a great selection of welsh artists and chatting to some special guests between 10am and Midday.

So after a busy week of great shows we can now give you just as an exciting weekend.

On Saturdays you can now occupy your evening listening to Tim Cooper. His Red Thread show is moving to Saturday nights and 9pm.

Finishing of our week on Sunday night there’s a new  “Album Chart” with John Wilce at 8pm and you may also like to know that Simon Field will start his show now at 8:30 rather than at his current 9pm start.


Back in 2007 on Sunday 4th of February our chart show started, and now after eight great years it will find a new on home on Saturday Mornings with Andrew Lowman – Jones.

On Sunday 31st of May between 7-9pm Simon, Jamie and Friends will be on air with the “Final Chart’ show – looking back on highlights and playing their favourite number 1s they’ve revealed on the show in years gone by.

These are just a selection of shows – Our full schedule can be viewed by clicking the “schedule” on our website.

Don’t’ worry if you’re not in the hospital during these hours, you can hear our awarding winning station from our new mobile app.

Our aim is to bring the best from the heart of the Heath Hospital, so if you have any queries or questions, hey, even a song requests for our presenters just let us know. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook or get in touch via the website!