Last year our very own Radio Glamorgan presenter Luke ran the Cardiff Half Marathon, managing to raise over £200 in sponsorship.
This year he was excited to do it all again. However, we were all worried as he had not trained as hard this year, so with fears of Luke tearing a ligament, he decided to help out with the RG outside broadcast on the event day.
To capture the atmosphere,  Luke decided to wear his number and begin the race with all the other runners, He was so enthusiastic that surprisingly, to all,  he carried on running to the next marker point on the run.
Then the next and then the next…  The ‘will he – won’t he’ – make it to the end of the course made for exciting listening and activity on social media and everyone was rooting for him to complete. Which he did – in a great time.
Throughout the run Luke kept thinking,  “I can’t let the team down” and “Just Keep Running”, and he certainly didn’t let us down.
During the following days he raised £115 sponsorship for his efforts from friends and family.
Congratulations Luke!