Rubicon Dance is a social arts organization, specialised in working with hard-to-reach people.

We work with families, children, young people, the elderly, people with disabilities and patients in the hospital – stroke survivors, people with Parkinson’s disease and living with dementia.

We exist to unlock self-expression, so that people discover their potential, feel motivated and connected in the world. To do this we connect communities through accessible, exceptional and memorable dance in schools; in the communities; our centre; and in health and social care settings, contributing to better lives.

In imaginative and creative ways, our vision is to nurture and curate exceptional and memorable dance, wherever it may be.

Our mission is to give people the creative confidence and skills to express themselves which thereby contributes positively to their overall wellbeing.

We want to dance to change lives so we:
– Seek out opportunities to work with those at the margins of society.
– Provide progression routes from community dance participation to professional training and on to professional placements and apprenticeships.

We want to unlock creativity so we:
– Deliver inspiring community dance that is important to people’s lives.
– Encourage creative confidence and provide the skills to enable artistic expression.

We also want to people to discover their potential and feel connected to society so:
– Raise the aspirations of the communities we work with by encouraging regular, active participation in outstanding Rubicon dance sessions.
– Demonstrate the case for dance in education.
– Promote wellbeing through participatory dance including for those with additional needs as a result of age, disability, illness or mental health.
– Be a pathfinder for dance in Wales and across the UK.

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