Hospital Radio Glamorgan volunteer Andrew Woolfe, is fulfilling a dream (another one!) by bringing a 70s themed music show to Sunday nights.
Although born in 1966, I consider myself a child of 1970s pop music, growing up watching Top of the Pops at it’s peak, and also listening to Ed Stewart’s Junior Choice on Radio 1″ Andrew told us in between preparing for the ten week series.
“Total 70s has been a show I have wanted to produce since I started with Hospital Radio Glamorgan, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the 70s music with the listeners.”
Starting at 8pm from March 3rd, the ten weeks series will feature one year each week from 1970-1979.
The first hour will be some of Andrew’s favourite songs from each year with the second hour including tracks from the best selling album of that year and the top ten best selling singles.
Total 80s was the brain child of Andrew Lowman-Jones, and Andrew said that it “feels good to be able to extend the ‘TOTAL’ franchise.”

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