Here’s who’s on over the Easter Weekend on Hospital Radio Glamorgan

Good Friday – 29th March

6am – RG Breakfast
10am – Easter ‘rock’ chick show with Claudia Hamilton
12pm – Total Decades with Jonesy
1pm – Rock around the clock
2pm – RG on Broadway
6pm – All About Sport
7pm – Richard Manning
9pm – The Friday Rock Show
10pm – Music was my first love

Easter Saturday

8am – Weekend Breakfast with Sam Rees
10am – GMRG with Luke Davies
12pm – Charity Hour
1pm – Saturday Matinee with Jill Brinkworth
4pm – Number 1s
8pm – The RG Night Train with Wayne Childs

Easter Sunday (Don’t forget the clocks go forward at 1am!)

8am – Weekend Breakfast with Sam Rees
10am – GMRG with Issy Morris
12pm – Charity Hour
1pm – The Sunday Fun Bus with Jayne Jones
4pm – Elbow Special
5pm – Ian and John Webber
7pm – The A List
8pm – Total 70s with Andrew Woolfe
10pm – Cwtch Cafe

Easter Monday – 1st April

6am – RG Breakfast
8am – All about covers with Jay
10am – Motown Monday with Andrew and Claudia
12pm – Bond, James Bond
1pm – Number 1s
6pm – PowerdByHoward
8pm – Music was my first love with Carlene and Daniel (Both parts)

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