We’ve got a brand new addition to our weekend line-up!
Daniel joined Hospital Radio Glamorgan a few months ago, he’s completed his training and is joining the team to present his new show on a Saturday evening.
Talking about his show Daniel said,

“One Step Beyond will feature an eclectic playlist, including Old Skool Rave, Britpop, Northern Soul, Reggae & Ska, ‘Pulsey-Squelchy’ Techno, and new music. Additionally, each week, I’ll focus on a specific genre and sprinkle tracks throughout the show. A song doesn’t need to be popular; it just has to be good, and anything with a strong identity will be played. It’s the go-to show for the sonically adventurous”
Being asked why he wanted to join HRG, he added,

“Radio has always been a great place to discover new artists and sounds. I want to share that joy of discovery alongside old favourites on my show. Hospital Radio Glamorgan has a fantastic music policy that allows me to do just that”

Daniel spent fifteen years in South Korea as an Assistant Professor of EFL at four universities, and brought back ‘one or two’ records (but no K-Pop!)
“For someone who’s been an educator, spends a lot of time writing, and now has their own radio show … I’m not really a person of many words. I let the music do the talking for me”
So why not spend your Saturday evening with Daniel? He’s on 5-7pm on Hospital Radio Glamorgan!

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