For the second bank holiday in May, our presenters were a little bit self-indulgent!

Every hour through the day was dedicated to a different artist, group or genre of music that makes them happy and hopefully make you happy too!

Monday 27th May 2024

6am – Warm up with Jayne Jones
7am – Jayne Jones presents Pink
8am – Luke Davies presents Billy Joel
9am – Andrew Woolfe presents Van Morrison
10am – Claudia Hamilton presents Madonna
11am – Grant Palmer presents Avicii
12pm – Byron Brain presents Queen
1pm – Beth Gulliver presents Harry Styles
2pm – Nigel Moore presents Paul Simon
3pm – Jill Brinkworth presents Joan Armatrading
4pm – Jason Manly presents film scores
5pm – Rob Jones presents The Clash
6pm – Jamie Pritchard presents the Stereophonics
7pm – Bill Cummings presents Cool Cymru
8pm – Simon Field presents a Nostalgic Sounds Dance Special
9pm – John Wilce presents Sgt Pepper


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