Mark Drakeford, Minister for Health and Social Services visited RG on 16 January for an interview with Peter Cox and talked candidly about what it is like to have his responsible role in Welsh Government. Here’s what Peter said about the visit:

Unlike in England, responsibility for Health and Social Services in Wales is the personal responsibility of one man, Professor Mark Drakeford (right in picture). West-Wallian by birth, with deep and passionate roots in Wales we explored through three pieces of music his life, his job, his vision for health services in Wales. He is a compelling conversationist, moving, committed and challenging.
His musical choices (not well-credited on air I am afraid) were: Parti Fronheulog singing “Ar gyfer heddiw’r bore (Faban bach)” ; Paul Robeson and “Joe Hill”; and the Dietrich Fischer-Diskau/Gerald Moore recording of Schubert’s Wintereisse, D911 “Der Leiermann”.

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